Meet the Owners


In 2016, we started our business out of our spare bedroom in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and now have a 15,000 square foot shop. We have four part-time employees and have served hundreds of customers around Eastern Iowa.

We take pride in building our tough, sturdy tables. They are all made of solid wood, and we never use cheap particleboard. We create tables that will last for generations.

Nathan is a Marine veteran and loves to create high quality, functional pieces. He's also the driving force that made the Cedarwood Decor vision a reality. He has a mind for business and a high standard of excellence in every area of his business.

Mary is the manager of Cedarwood Decor. She handles many of the details -- from helping clients decide their stain colors to training their employees to woodwork.

American made. Veteran Owned.


Don't settle. You could buy cheaper, manufactured decor shipped from overseas. But are you going to love it? Are you going to need to replace it? Our pieces are unique, handcrafted in the USA and are meant to last a lifetime.

Got a special project in mind?

Shoot us an email at or call at (319) 849-8859